How To Create Video Sales Letters

This Presentation will take around 12 minutes of your time, But it could be the best 12 minutes you invest in YOUR business this year!
"The ABC Solution To Creating Your Own Video Sales Letters That Increase Your Sales & Optins!"

Text Version If You prefer To Read... (but you will Miss The FUN ;))

Randy Smith's Video Sales Letters ABC Hi, My Name is Randy Smith, I hope I got your attention and I promise I wont keep you long.

I'd Like Show You How,....

In SIMPLE A B C Steps, You Can Make Your Own Video Sales Letters & Video Squeeze Pages Easily!!

Lets face it:

We've ALL seen how the Big Gurus are ALL using Video Salesletters and squeeze pages now, haven't we?

And We Know that sites like Youtube are getting their content shared on all the social media sites....
So Even Getting listed on Google these days is Vastly helped by having Video on your pages, isn't it?

OK - So those are obvious facts that we all know....

The Problem....

For Most the simple problem or challenge is knowing how to make these videos, and then what content to add into them?

It's Easy for the Gurus who have teams of people working for them...

                group of techys

    pinOne to create the copy
    pin Another to turn it into slides 
    pin Yet another who will make the video
    pinAnd a techy to build the html page and show it
? But What About The Rest of us ?

That's where VideoSalesLetters ABC comes in!

Video Sales Letters ABC

In VideoSalesLetters ABC I'll guide you through each aspect in simple A B C steps

tick You'll discover how easy making Videos for Your Sites
        can be!

tick No longer will slick looking video presentations be reserved
       for those with
 the cash to hire people to do it all for them....

tick Now You'll be able to use the FREE Tools I show you to:

tick Create Your Own Video Sales Letters

tick AND Your Own Video Squeeze Pages

tick Not Only Will You Receive Video instruction showing you
         step by step how to use the tools,

tick But I'll also include templates and guides on what, how
        and why to add in each section of your presentation!

 It's A Lot Easier Than You Think When I Show You My

By Now You Might Be wondering Why you should let me show you how to create your own video Sales Letters?

So allow me a moment to tell you a little about me: (Briefly though) ;)

My full name is Randolf Smith (friends call me Randy)I've been marketing online for over 10 years,
Prior to that I worked in direct sales offline for over 20 years!
Online I have various sites including a copywriting site and a copywriting product.
I've written copy for a lot of people including some of todays big names.

Naturally I'm also dead handsome - but I am spoken for (had to add that or face the warth of
And My Mum always said I was lovely!

OH - I also hate computers due to all the techy stuff I struggle with!
Struggle with tech for videos

And Finally - I can Ramble on for an age when I get going....

So the key points relevant to this presentation are that I know web copy and I usually struggle with tech stuff... Hence If I can do this video stuff, I know I can show you how to do it too!

And - I believe that I don't need to preach to you about the effectiveness of Video Sales Letters for conversions and increased income opportunities...

So I will get straight to the point and tell you what you're getting in this training:

This training will teach you how to create Video Sales Letters & Squeeze Pages that Convert Like Crazy

It includes:

Value Packed Contents   
    * Video Training

    * Audio Training

    * PDF Manuals

    * Links to Free Software

    * Code and Instructions

    * Instructions on Using Amazon S3

    * Powerpoint Template

    * OpenOffice Template

    * HTML Webpage Templates  

The training you'll get REALLY is comprehensive and will take you step by step through the whole process of creating your own videos, it even includes guides on what and how to speak while your presentations are being made.

In detail you get:

Video Training - TEN videos, Basically step by step videos you can watch, pause and learn from!

PDF Manuals - SEVEN pdf Manuals to accompany the video training, and instructions on getting the free software and codes. These Include Sales Training manuals on what and how to present your sites including: The Hook (Attention Grabber), Emotional Marketing Elements, Influence And Persuasion, And A PDF explaining how to use the bonus templates!

Audios - FOUR Audios, An Introduction, followed by Long or Short Copy, The Magic Buy Button that appears as if by magic, & Speaking for Conversions.

Free Bonus Free Bonus

Templates - As a FREE Bonus - you'll also get some templates you can use today to get started right away!
Simply edit them with your own key points and start creating your video just minutes from now!

To make getting started as easy as ABC for you, you'll get the Slide Templates AND the html TemplatesAlong with the coding you'll love that will allow you to be as fancy as the Big Gurus with your buy button appearing at any point you'd like during your presentation!


So as you can see this is COMPLETE training on the creation of Video Sales Letters in a nice and easy A B C Style,... it may be simple, but it's Proven and Effective!

It really does include everything you need to know AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD.

Imagine for a moment that you've followed the training and created your first few video sales letters and squeeze pages...

How are you going to feel weeks or even days from now when you see your list growing faster than it ever has?

Will you still listen to the nay sayers who always try to tell you that you have to be a guru to acheive any level of success.... of course not!

Can you picture yourself getting more done with all your sites and at the same time having more freedom to work when you decide to - just becuase the results are improving so much for you due to your videos!!

Listen Friend, This training wont make you a gazillion dollars overnight! - But it will help move you on to better results than you've previously had if you can now utilize Video in your sales process without requiring the teams of people the Guru's have working for them!

This is Your Chance to catch up and help yourself 'Level the Field' for your online efforts! And it really will make a difference as it already is for others...

Here Are Some Extracts Of What Some Early Customers & Reviewers Said:  


I think it's about time someone created a product showing people how to create effective video sales letters and let me tell you Randy that you have excelled in this area.

I love the way Video Sales Letter ABC walks you through everything you need to know about using video in your marketing and actually delivers on what it promises.

There are training videos, audios, PDF manuals, and even templates you can use to add video to your marketing.

If you are not using video in your marketing you are missing out and I can't think of a better product to teach you how to effectively add video to your marketing.

You've done a great job Randy, well done.

John Thornhill 

Sally Neill
Hi Randy,

Just finished reviewing the VSL course content and I have to say the value you provide is remarkable.

To say you left no stone unturned would actually be an understatement, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Not only do you discuss the most vital
components of video sales letter copy, you actually provide real life examples anyone can use as a guideline for creating their own video sales letter pages.

Can I also just mention that the variety of the course content was much appreciated, I personally hate to have to read pages and pages of pdfs, hours of video etc, because quite frankly it bores me, but VSL provides all three formats, each one in bit sized, easily manageable chunks which helped me stay interested and kept my concentration.

And then, just when I thought your couldn't deliver anymore....BAM!

You even provide ready to use templates to make the whole process of video sales letter creation
even more simple!

All in all, VSL is an excellent course and I challenge anyone to take your course and NOT churn out killer video sales letters time and time again.

Sally Neill

Hi Randy
Thanks for letting me preview your Video Sales Letter. You have made this process as simple as possible and it really is as easy as a,b,c.
Inexperienced users will find it easy to understand and will help them a lot in building their business, The more experienced users will cut out their mistakes and be shown the correct way to produce a Video Sales Letter (Thanks for putting me on the right track)
And as usual you overdeliver and give real value for money which makes a refreshing change form most people out there.


keith purkiss
Hi Randy,

Having struggled for three years to make any kind of videos at all, your Video Sales Letter ABC gives me (and anyone else who's feels the same) the chance to produce a quality result.

It looks so easy when the experts do it, but for the rest of us your templates and series of videos and manuals bring video sales letters within our abilities.

I like the way you don't overload people with 50 page ebooks or 2 hour videos - each part is in a small PDF or video. We only have to digest a bit at a time, and can come back easily to the bits we need to look at again.

As always having the template saves time as there's nothing harder than looking at an empty screen, and you've supplied a good selection of them.

I'd always recommend people to invest in solid training courses like Video Sales Letters ABC than in any of the hyped up products that promise to make you rich overnight...

Thanks again
Keith Purkiss

P.S. If anyone's on a budget, don't worry as there's a free option for any software required. 

dan sumner
Hey Randy!

Thanks for the copy of  Video Sales Letter ABC . Your skills in sales most definitely shows through. You can immediately see you have been in the sales business for a long time from the quality of the content you have provided.

I especially liked the The Hook, Influence and Persuasion and Emotional Marketing Elements. Without giving too much away, these modules alone can convert your products to higher levels. Awesome stuff! Together with the audios, PDF’s and video you can clearly teach anyone to be a better copywriter and create a better sales page.

It’s good to have you as a friend with so much sales experience, you know I will be turning to you in the future and exercising all your ‘ Video Sales Letter ABC’ has to offer for my next product.

Thanks again Randy for an excellent product and an excellent addition to my resource list.

Daniel Sumner

tony shepherd
I always knew that you were a great salesman and understood the sales process better than most...

But I'll tell you now I'm very impressed with the way you've managed to get this across in a course.

There's no getting around the fact that sales videos ARE the future of Internet Marketing, and in 'Video Sales Letters ABC' you've taken away the barriers and now ANYONE can compete with the big boys.

If you've ever thought you couldn't put together your own video sales letters or your traditional 'long form' text sales pages have been converting poorly this is what you need

Nice work!
Tony Shepherd

Dave Nicholson
Hey Randy,

Finally, a step by step video sales letter course from someone who really knows what they are talking about!

As video sales letters are really hot at the moment, this is going to help a lot of people take advantage of this.
Video Sales Letters ABC makes it really simple for anybody to start creating their own videos.
The training videos, audios, PDF manuals, and templates leave no stone unturned.
You really have over-delivered here Randy, but without over complicating things, well done!

Keep up the great work.

Dave Nicholson. 

So To Summarise - here's what you'll benefit from today:

    * Video Training

    * Audio Training

    * PDF Manuals

    * Links to Free Software

    * Code and Instructions

    * Instructions on Using Amazon S3

    * Powerpoint Template

    * OpenOffice Template

    * HTML Webpage Templates  

And I'm confident you wont even need it - But You also get...

Guaranteed Results!

You also get 60 Full Days to go through all the training and get your own videos uploaded.
Make Sales, Get Optins,  - Heck - Even finally get some of that PLR on your desktop put to use for you!

And if any anytime during those 60 days you decide video just isn't for you...You can claim a 100% Refund. I Guarantee You Will Get Results By This Weekend If You Start Today!

In Fact I am So Confident that You Will Soon Be Creating Your Own Video Pages, I'm Offering a 100% No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!


What Could be Better than that?
There is Absolutely NO Risk in trying VideoSalesLettersABC and EVERYTHING to Gain

All the Risk is on Me, and if you BUY NOW you'll The Best Possible Deal!

Here's where I should be saying that I'll put the price up soon, or that only 200 people will ever get this etc. etc.
I may raise the price depending on how sales come in, But hey - with the state of the economy, who can say for sure?

Instead I will just say that I have an unadveretised bonuses that I will include if you buy today that will give you double the value on what you invest in this training.... and I will remove these at some point!

Ooops - we haven't discussed the price!

I suppose I should also sit here now and give you a presentation of how much you'll benefit and how it's easily worth $197 - or how some are charging up to $1997 for this type of training....
But I wont!

Can I do the......

Not $97 or even $77 thing?

Or will I sound like a market trader selling out of the back of my car getting ready to run when someone shouts police... :)

The price today should show below the video about now, so feel free to click the button as soon as you like to get instant access to all of this material and get started on your own videos now.

And hey - Thanks for watching (or reading) this far. I appreciate your time.
One last thing - please do email me and show me your videos once you've got them uploaded, I genuinely am interested in your success too :)

Now  click the button and I'll see you on the inside. 


Get The The Complete Course Today For Just $37

Order Now


Randy Smith

P.S.Now really is YOUR CHANCE to Easily create Your Own Videos by following this Step By
                 Step ABC training,
Level the field as far as having the ability to creat great videos, And finally                      Move your business forward on all your sites!

P.P.S. With my 100% Money Back Guarantee - All The Risk is on me. Order Now and get your First
                  Video Online by this weekend!

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